My name is Bracha (Brachi, as everyone calls me) Mizrachi, originally from the Liebman family. I was born and raised in Ramat Chen, Israel, in a family where manual labor and artisanship were the backbone of our home. My father, R.I.P, was among the pioneers of the light metal industry – he owned a factory for home appliances, where I spent many days during my childhood. To this day, I am very fond of the smell of industrial metal. My mother- on the other hand- was an educator- a kindergarten teacher who educated generations of children and retired from her job upon my birth.  She pursued all the conceivable creative areas: drawing and painting, sculpting, pottery, embroidery, knitting, sewing, batik, painting on silk, jewelry making – all with great talent and with the participation of the younger generation. From a very early age, I was given permission to pursue freely any creative area of my choice.

After my military service as a teacher-soldier, I turned to handicraft instruction studies and was certified as a senior teacher of technical and general arts at junior high school. I found great satisfaction in my work as a teacher, but regretfully, the handicrafts subject area ceased to exist- and I chose to combine my love for metal and artisanship – through goldsmithing studies. I studied with two excellent teachers-goldsmiths: Ella Wolf and Tzachi Shamir- both share their great knowledge willingly and generously.

For me, the process of turning raw material into a jewel is magical. I began making and wearing my own jewelry, and suddenly a demand was created – friends removed jewelry from me and requested to purchase it, and through word of mouth, orders started coming in. I established a studio on the roof of my house, and this is my beloved kingdom. Up until today, as a mother of four children, I have worked under the format of a mother – goldsmith.  Now that my children have matured, my time has come for hatching from the 'egg' and becoming a goldsmith – mother! So come inside and enjoy yourself!




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